Tonight On Trumpet

Tonight On Trumpet
Sonia Bullot

Tonight On Trumpet is a collection of jazz and blues standards from Sonia Bullot, currently trumpeter with Tauranga blues �n� roots band Kokomo. Bringing together songs and musicians throughout Sonia�s career, it features some of New Zealand�s finest musicians and the extraordinary vocal talent of Julia Deans (Fur Patrol).

Tonight On Trumpet was recorded at the talented Kokomo bass player Nigel Master�s recording studio The Boatshead in Whakamarama, Tauranga. Nigel also helped Sonia with the overall production and mixing along with Sonia�s husband Grant Bullot and Derek Jacombs, also of Kokomo.



An upbeat version of the popular bluesy opening track on Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers jazz album Moanin� originally recorded in 1958 and was written by jazz pianist Bobby Timmons. This song features the fabulous musicians from Wellington band Shaken Not Stirred (Damian Forlong - trombone, Chris Pierce- alto sax, Andre Paris - tenor sax, Deanne Hunter - guitar, Patrick Bleakley - upright bass, and Ian Parker - drums). Sonia has jammed with Shaken Not Stirred at many festivals over the years with her husband Grant and when the opportunity arose to use this song for the opening track, Sonia didn�t hesitate.


An original from Derek Jacombs (Kokomo), featuring beautiful piano from Gerard Masters, Nigel Masters (upright bass) and Ian �Beano� Gilpin (drums). The smooth old-time trumpet tones move this Kokomo original toward the old time jazz style.


An old favourite of Sonia�s, but one she had not played since her music school days. This song which was written originally as a show tune from the 1937 Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart musical Babes in Arms has now become a well known jazz standard recorded by many of the great jazz musicians such as Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. This very slow ballad features an emotive performance on trumpet followed by a great piano solo by Gerard Masters that ebbs and flows almost effortlessly before Julia Dean�s soulful vocal. �I enjoyed working with Gerard and Julia on this track and it bought back many memories of performances together on this beautiful ballad at jazz festivals and any other time I could put it into the set list, I love playing a good ballad where I can express myself using simple note choices and trying to create mellow tone on my trumpet�.


With a background of rural New Zealand sounds Sonia and Grant�s 5 year old daughter Ella leads in the band on this version of the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound Of Music classic before her mum and the boys from Shaken Not Stirred step it up a notch with a frantically-paced rendition. This song became a hit in 1968 by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass and has now become a jazz standard performed by many great artists and in many diverse ways rhythmically and melodically. �I enjoyed the challenge of trying to put forward my own version of this song , which I have sung over and over to my daughter when she was a baby.�


Again another favourite Sonia used to slip into as many set lists as possible. Borrowed from Sonia�s favourite album, the influential 1959 album �Kind of Blue� by Miles Davis, but given a fresh twist with the addition of Grant Bullot on harmonica ( and a trombone solo by Damian Forlong). Grant and Sonia duke it out in an extended jam and Julia Deans is poised and sultry in a rare vocal take on the song. Originally an instrumental piece and usually performed as such, Julia managed to dig out vocals that were later written for it by Oscar Brown Jr.. The dynamics in this version of the song keep you so interested that you don�t realise ten minutes have passed.


Inspired by the Dr John version of this 1940 Duke Ellington classic, Sonia leads the Kokomo boys and Gerard while Julia takes us back in time with her jazzy vocal interpretation, conjuring remarkable echoes of Ella Fitzgerald. The tune was originally title �Never No Lament� and was first recorded as a big band instrumental. Lyrics were added in 1942 by Bob Russell. Derek Jacombs added this bluesy version to the Kokomo set to perform at jazz and blues festivals and it became one of Sonia�s favourites. � I also enjoyed being able to add a song that included the unique trumpet and harmonica �horn section� that is so original to Kokomo�.


This was a definite right from the start as it was the first song Sonia ever featured on with Kokomo and shows off more of her blues styles that she uses so often in Kokomo. This song was written and recorded by the great American Delta blues musician Robert Johnson whose song writing talents have influenced generations of musicians. This classy uptown barroom blues features lead vocals and acoustic guitar from Derek Jacombs and harmonica by Grant Bullot. Mike Kirk also lends a hand by adding in subtle phrases on the electric guitar.


This song was written in 1930 by Hoagy and Carmichael(music) and Stuart Gorrell(lyrics) but it was Ray Charles�s live recording that inspired this version of the ballad. Sonia arranged this so that the impressionistic horn section interweaves with the lead trumpet line for a melancholic and soulful interpretation. �This song is one that I have always loved but never really played. My intention was to sound like I was playing with a big band without actually having that many musicians fit into the studio�

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