The Jayrem Story

Specialist record company, Jayrem Records celebrates 35 years of producing, distributing and promoting LP's, Cassettes and Compact Discs

In 2011 Jayrem Records will celebrate the completion of its 35th year in the business of producing, distributing and promoting music recordings. From 1975 through until today Jayrem has produced nearly 200 New Zealand albums. Rarely in the mainstream of pop/rock, Jayrem Records album releases have tended to reflect the eclectic and specialist tastes of its owner, James Moss - Maori (Wai, Patea Maori Club, Aotearoa, Apanui, Dalvanius Prime, Upper Hutt Posse, Elena, Tuahine, Big Belly Woman, Brannigan Kaa, Roger Cunningham, Aotearoa Maori Chorale), reggae (Dread Beat & Blood, David Grace & Injustice, Sticks And Shanty, Simon & Fire), women singer/songwriters (Mahinarangi Tocker, Charlotte Yates, Jan Preston, Hinemoana Baker, Jordan Reyne, Donna Muir), contemporary instrumental (Brendan Power), country (Roger Tibbs, The Cattlestops, Ann Pascoe), jazz/blues (Midge Marsden, Hot Club Sandwich, Kokomo, Rodger Fox, Sonia Bullot, Bullfrog Rata), poetry (Bill Manhire, Sam Hunt, Jenny Bornholdt, Michele Leggott) and childrens (Fatcat & Fishface).

Jayrem Records currently owns and/or administers over 1200 New Zealand music copyrights and has licensed and exported New Zealand music to the UK, USA, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Brazil, South Africa and Australia.

In addition to distributing its own recordings, Jayrem Records imports CD's by Eva Cassidy and to date has achieved sales in excess of 70,000 units of the Eva Cassidy catalogue.